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  • Howard Stalker III (Monday, February 08 16 04:10 pm EST)

    Awesome Job! I needed furniture moved from North Jersey to South Jersey and mostly all of the items were very important to us. Tyler and his crew showed up on time and really knew what they were
    doing. Tyler, Armazi and Carlos worked non-stop handling everything with the care and expertise. There wasn't a scratch on anything and the time they spent making sure everything was packed and
    stored properly was impressive! When you call Tiger Movers, ask for Tyler, Armazi and Carlos. You won't be dissapointed!

  • Ramesh (Wednesday, January 13 16 09:39 am EST)

    We had our one bedroom move done with Tiger Movers and it went really smooth. The moving guys were on time and they were really efficient with putting the boxes in the truck. Ours was a move from the
    south bay to the city, and again, the guys were on time covering up a relatively long drive really fast. The moving into the new apartment was also really efficient. We didn't have anything damaged
    and the guys even helped put our bed together. Overall, it was a really pleasant experience and I would definitely recommend Tiger Movers for a hassle free move.

  • Britton Gibson (Friday, November 13 15 10:07 am EST)

    What a great experience! Javier and his team were very professional, on time and friendly. The price was very reasonable and I would recommend them to anyone looking to hire a moving company!!

  • Brenda Kaminsky (Wednesday, November 04 15 12:59 pm EST)

    They are a great moving company. They came right on time and moved all my furniture quickly and set up the furniture exactly where I wanted it in my new place. Nothing was broke. Very good

  • Mike (Friday, October 16 15 12:16 pm EDT)

    The move is so well planned with 3 very well trained move professionals who are so knowledgeable with everything including refrigerator, delicate furniture. The whole process from the disassemble,
    protection, move and assemble them back to its original in my new home went so well!! I am so impressed and would highly recommend to anyone who is going to move.

  • Alex (Saturday, October 10 15 10:13 pm EDT)

    He's one of the best. Javier is the best He was on time and the was done

  • Kimberly (Saturday, October 03 15 09:26 am EDT)

    Very good experience ! The most important thing to mention about this company is that they go above and beyond with there
    services .
    I would like to say that the foreman Javier was amazing with the way he took care of our belongings. From start to finish they were extremely professional. I have moved twice in the past with my
    family and was very uncertain about using a moving company again. We had 2 really bad experiences with those in the past. However, the sales rep, Alex informed and assured me that this would not
    happen with his company. From start to finish they were everything you would expect when hiring a professional mover. They were upfront with their pricing of my quote and disclosed any additional
    costs upfront. The thing I was really most impressed with that from the time I hired Tiger Movers they were always available. I only wish that other movers would act in the manner that this company
    did. I highly recommend Tiger Movers for your move. They are great and will live up to your expectations when you are looking for a professional mover.

  • William (Wednesday, April 15 15 03:55 pm EDT)

    After searching for many moving companies, I felt ease to communicate with Alex from Tiger Movers. Their feedback seemed very trustworthy. They helped to pack my entire household stuffs. Three
    gentlemen arrived to do the heavy lifting. Without these guys, I would be reckless! They were both fast and efficient hard workers. They also arrived and delivered within the window. I would highly
    recommend Tiger Movers for their professionalism. Thank you guys!

  • Patel (Tuesday, April 14 15 10:55 am EDT)

    Giving a trust-able tag for a moving service is something one should give after putting a lot thought into it. I have experienced myself in many instances while moving, that some movers really make
    you pay more and more until the packages are unpacked at your place. This was my third move and first with Tiger Movers, but I got the idea of trusting them from the instant they started the packing
    process. They packed all my personal possessions with proper care and the packages themselves made the items safe, especially the expensive ones. The whole process of moving was less stressful and
    after unpacking, I had the biggest smile on my face. My previous experiences with moving companies have left bad impression in me, but this time it was a pleasing one.

  • Karl (Monday, March 23 15 09:31 am EDT)

    A while back I started my search for a moving company by reading reviews at places like this. I must say that people make it very hard to know which direction to take as everyone has a difference in
    opinion from time to time. Having found out about Tiger Movers, I decided to give them a try. Am I glad I did! I too had three movers arrive on my doorstep, on time, smiling and ready to go! We
    laughed and joked throughout the entirety of my move. In the end, there were no damages to report and in fact, my move came in under estimate. I figure that these reviews are good to a point. As long
    as the people writing them aren\'t looking for a miracle mover. Everyone\'s situation is different and hiring Tiger Movers just might be the best move you’ve ever made! Literally!

  • John (Monday, March 16 15 08:35 am EDT)

    Last week I moved to Fair Lawn from Paramus and that was the first time I used a moving company. Initially I was very nervous and hesitant. But when I talked with their sales rep, I got confidence
    and feeling comfortable with him. I clearly mentioned what I want and also told him about my budget. He accommodated all my requirements within my budget and scheduled the move at the exact date that
    I was looking for. The foreman and the movers arrived on time at the move day, packed the entire house, took great care of the fragile stuffs and loaded all my stuffs nicely. They made the delivery
    on time and asked me to check the inventory. After going through the inventory I did not notice a single thing is missing or broken or damaged. In short, these guys have proved that not all movers
    are bad.

  • Maria (Thursday, February 12 15 08:48 am EST)

    This is the second time I have moved using Tiger Movers. Their service is the best. I was absolutely sure that I was going to hire them again. I called up and the same guy answered the phone. This
    was after approximately a year that I contacted them. He was quick to catch on to me with a quick reference of our previous move. The previous time we called Tiger Movers they arrived 5 minutes
    before time. This time they were 5 minutes late, the packers were different to the previous lot and were equally if not more efficient. They packed everything quickly and moved all the stuff into the
    truck with ease. The move was not too far away as compared to the previous one. The truck reached my new residence before time and the packers unloaded the goods equally fast. They placed the goods
    as per our instructions. I am very happy with Tiger Movers and recommend them strongly.

  • John (Sunday, January 25 15 03:03 pm EST)

    I was very impressed with the moving service provided. They were very attentive from the first conversation I had with Alex who provided me a quote to the last box being delivered by Javier.
    Everything went as planned and I was thrilled with the work ethic and dedication of the moving staff. I was missing some screws for my bed and the men went above and beyond to find it and get the bed
    together. Great effort and attitudes they deserve 6 stars!

  • Jai (Wednesday, January 21 15 01:21 pm EST)

    Javier and his guys showed up on time to start loading up my furniture. They moved several large pieces, including a washer/dryer, large chest of drawers, and a sofa. They got the van packed quickly
    and efficiently. The move was only 2 miles down the road. No furniture was damaged in the move. They unloaded the furniture and placed everything where I asked them to put it. They even asked if I\'d
    like them to put the bed back together, AFTER I\'d already signed the contract and paid for the 2 hours. Overall, it was a great moving experience.

  • Tina (Tuesday, November 25 14 01:06 am EST)

    WOW!!!! What an amazing experience with TIGER MOVERS especially with Javier and his crew these guys are the meaning of professionals they are so strong and exspierenced & they were so responsible
    with my furniture! Scale 1 to 10 defff 10!!! Would recommend to anyone if anybody needs movers TIGER MOVERS are the ones to call AMAZING honestly

  • Amanda (Saturday, October 18 14 12:19 pm EDT)

    I went through a number of moves in the last few years and would like to give thanks to Tiger Movers for executing the best move for me. This mover came by way of a recommendation from my colleague
    and now I will also recommend them too. Every part of the move was handled with expertise. They are simply good people who worked hard

  • Allison (Tuesday, October 07 14 09:59 am EDT)

    This is the second time I've used them and they are wonderful!

    Doing a move by myself seems overwhelming, but these guys made it easy! They came 30 minutes early, called me to let me know they were there, and got the stuff out of my apartment quickly and they
    were super friendly and funny too. They called me to let me know when they were on their way and the streets that they were taking. I met them at my new place and they were in and out so fast i could
    hardly believe it. They took extra special care of my things and hung up all my clothes in these incredible wardrobe boxes and re-hung all my clothes in the new place.

    I did shrink wrap my bed and all my stuff myself (if you want them to do it they charge you $10 a piece and $25 to do your tv), so if you want a minimum time/cost move, do plan ahead and be
    absolutely ready for them to get it out of your house!

    They also helped me set up my bed and really made this so stress free.None of my walls were scratched or nicked and it only took them about 2 hours and 15 minutes to move my entire studio apartment 8
    miles away. I've recommended them to everyone, including family and friends and both were extremely pleased with the company and the referral. It was a stress free and pleasant move!

  • Brandondub (Thursday, September 18 14 05:52 am EDT)

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  • Sharon (Sunday, September 14 14 08:14 am EDT)

    It was really nice and easy experience. There was really no surprises on the day of move. The movers came right on time and moving was really smooth and easy. in just few hours. I would definitely
    recommend to a friend. It was easy come and easy go. On the day of moving they arrived early and were complete moving in less than 3 hours. I move a lot and i had really nice experience with Tiger

  • Cherie (Saturday, August 09 14 11:12 am EDT)

    What a great team at Tiger Movers! From the people on the phone all the way to movers, everyone was great. If I mention something to customer service they actually relay the message to the driver, so
    the driver was prepared to pack a couple things I was not expecting. He was on a tight schedule already and I felt bad having them pack the rest but I could not finish, my kids were getting way to
    cranky at the time. But they had such a great attitude and made the move very entertaining, it was great! And they did a good job packing up everything because my things arrived and I do not have to
    file a claim! Great great great great job to everyone!!

  • Bob (Thursday, July 24 14 09:42 am EDT)

    My moving experience was great. Everything was moved without a scratch and everything was communicated well. They picked my stuff up and delivered it the same day. They wrapped all my large furniture
    and everything arrived just as it was picked up. They were prompt with delivery and worked around my schedule when I had to leave early to my new apartment. I will use them again.

  • James (Monday, July 07 14 10:00 am EDT)

    They were lightning fast and packed extremely well. They took apart all my furniture and didnt scratch a thing. I was impressed with how they manuevered the heavy furniture around corners and down
    the stairs. They made the job look easy and trust me it wasnt. I had a ton of stuff. Javier was particulary helpful and worked extra hard. Two thumbs up to Finest Movers they were awesome!

  • Joan (Thursday, July 03 14 08:33 am EDT)

    Javier and crew arrived on time as expected. After evaluating the property for moving, they went straight to work, wrapped and moved all of our belongings with care. Everyone was polite, hard working
    and extremely organized. I couldn’t have asked for a more hard working crew than those gentlemen! I would definitely use them and your company in the future!

  • Tamara Bradford (Thursday, May 08 14 07:00 am EDT)

    Hi Alex. Just wanted to reach out and thank you. Your guys were really terrific; they were fast, efficient, and extremely professional. I will definitely recommend your company when the opportunity

  • carolyn Barr (Thursday, April 24 14 10:12 am EDT)

    Great move! Very efficient and professional

  • carolyn Barr (Thursday, April 24 14 10:11 am EDT)

    Had a great move from Lyndhurst to was a pleasure to have your crew helping with this move. I will definitely be recommending your company to friends

  • Dave Toops (Wednesday, January 29 14 04:52 pm EST)

    Just a quick note to let you know how happy we were with the service we received today. The fellows made what could be a nightmare for 70 year olds a pleasure. Thank you again for your assistance.
    Dave Toops

  • Olga (Tuesday, January 28 14 05:21 pm EST)

    Thank! It was a great experience. Guys were outstanding!

  • Jerry Giuseffi (Thursday, December 26 13 10:18 am EST)

    Fantastic job on 12/23/13 by Matt, Eddie and John. Extremely professional, friendly, competent, fast, energetic. These guys are strong, too. We were very, very pleased with their work and recommend
    them without reservation!

  • Judy (Sunday, December 22 13 02:38 pm EST)

    I want to share my thoughts about the AWESOME service I received from Tiger Movers. So so so so awesome. I've never been treated like that before. Everyone was so nice and friendly. Really made me
    feel comfortable and important. Big plus when working with a company. Specially when you're not sure if they are trying to scam you. However I was very pleased with this company. EXTREMELY satisfied.

  • Juliet (Monday, November 11 13 01:10 pm EST)

    Everyone from the head office to the movers were excellent. They were careful and cared about what they were doing; it wasn't just a job to them. They organized our things wonderfully and everything
    arrived safely - can't ask for anything more!

  • Maureen (Friday, September 27 13 01:44 pm EDT)

    This is my first time to hire a moving company. I was very anxious because I have heard a lot of horrible experience. But Tiger Movers was great. They arrive 40 mins before the scheduled time. They
    were friendly, professional and fast. They wrapped all my furniture without charging me anything extra. They also help to assemble the furniture for free. That was a stress-free moving experience. I
    will definitely hire them again the next time I move.

  • Alexsa Flores (Monday, July 22 13 07:01 pm EDT)

    These guys were fantastic! Quick, efficient, they took great care of our things and charges a fair price. I would definitely use Tiger Movers again!!

  • Aarti Patel (Friday, June 28 13 11:45 am EDT)

    I have used them twice now and they are excellent. I can book them last minute and their prices are super fair. The movers are always helpful and ready to work. They handle every piece with care. I
    will using them again for my next move!

  • Alyse Muller (Monday, June 24 13 10:31 am EDT)

    Just had by far the easiest move in a long time with Tiger Movers. They we punctual, fast, a fun crew to work with and knew what needed to be done and had no problems schlepping furniture up a 4th
    floor walkup with a spiral staircase. Really happy - Thanks

  • Sam (Monday, June 17 13 08:58 am EDT)

    We used these guys recently and they were fantastic.

    Arrived on time and actually finished earlier then hours listed on the estimate.

    Customer service in the office was really helpful and Will and crew the day of the move were professionals all the way.

  • Alecia Graham (Wednesday, June 12 13 02:58 pm EDT)

    I moved with this mover they were actually good, they showed up on time 15 minutes early and checked out my place, i had a bad experience i was scared but these guys were professional and they made
    my day stress free, movers that i hired before were unprofessional they left my stuff in my lawn and have alot of hidden fees. i paid them double that i paid to tiger movers and there quote was
    almost exact.
    but before movers quoted me cheap price but charged me way more with hidden fees.

    They delivered my items on time without any damage. i would recommend tiger movers for sure they are good, uniformed and professionals and they don't charge hidden fees.

  • Robin (Monday, June 10 13 11:15 pm EDT)

    The movers were fantastic. Friendly, efficient and extremely knowledgeable regarding organization and physics! Their hard work made the move smooth and stress free. Will recommend to anyone who will

  • Rachel (Monday, June 10 13 02:17 pm EDT)

    I wanted to say these guys are great! On time, no damages to my items, the price went right down from my original quote. My sales rep, Alex, was great, and he was able to answer any question I had
    for him. He got right back to me when I needed help with anything..I couldn't ask for more.

  • Chris (Wednesday, June 05 13 04:38 pm EDT)

    Great guys. Moved from 4th floor walk up to 2nd floor. A 1br apartment these guys done it in 4 hrs I never thought its possible. Great Job Guy!!!

  • milland (Tuesday, June 04 13 01:38 pm EDT)

    Great service :) new to new jersey and been having trouble moving the stuff over and this tiger movers helped every way possible.

  • Sandy (Tuesday, June 04 13 12:51 pm EDT)

    great movers fast and funny.

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